Our mission is to bring the sport of rowing to the residents of South Park, Georgetown, White Center, and surrounding neighborhoods, and to offer recreational access to the Duwamish river that is affordable for everyone.



Our vision is to develop a rowing club that emphasizes good sportsmanship, integrity, and strength of character.



  • Our number one concern and moral obligation is for the safety of our crew.
  • We believe that people are most successful when they love what they do, and that fun is a crucial component of winning.
  • Our sport is on the water, and we center the majority of our training on being out on the river.
  • We emphasize the art of rowing, that is, we emphasize the technique, the beauty, the traditions, and history of our sport.
  • We strive to become oarsman and oarswomen. We define an oarsman as one who makes hard work, integrity, and good sportsmanship an integral part of his or her overall character.
  • We are never boastful, but we are always confident.
  • We are always gracious, whether in victory or defeat.
  • We recognize the unique place that both the Duwamish River and the Duwamish people play in the history of Seattle. We strive to learn the history of the place where we row.
  • We strongly emphasize respect for our rowing shells, oars, and other club equipment.
  • We involve ourselves as much as possible in the cleanup efforts on the Duwamish, and we strive to be good representatives of the river.
  • We always work to the best of our ability and in every race we give one hundred percent.
  • We strive to promote strong bonds between team members.




Download our Bylaws.

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